Would the Real Prickly Pear Margarita Please Stand Up

Would the Real Prickly Pear Margarita Please Stand Up

You May Have Only Tried a Shadow of the Original. Infused Tequila is the Key!

Have you ever had a Prickly Pear Margarita?  Careful before you answer.  You may have been duped with heavy juices, or sugar laden syrups.  There are a lot of imposters out there that although they carry the name “Prickly Pear Margarita” they are not telling the truth.  Ordering a Prickly Pear Margarita these days can be like a blind date – A Margarita Dating Game of Chance.

So right now it’s time to meet your bachelorette Prickly pear Margaritas, and herrrrrre they are . . .


Thick Like OJ. Heavy & Bloating.

Is a thick purple-ish drink that must need to be reminded to think because her shirt says “Concentrate.”  She likes spoiling fast, souring, being expensive, and not tasting particularly well.  She’s rarely ordered twice, please welcome – Prickly Pear “Juice” Margarita.

Not Natural, Loaded with Sugar and Artificial Color.

Is so “Stoplight Red” that her looks alone might be enough to make you slam on the brakes, but if you’re bold enough to put her to your lips you’ll get a lot of sugar, artificial coloring and not a lot of Prickly Pear at all.  She likes delivering sub par flavor, a ton of empty sugar calories and she’s usually overpriced for her quality please Welcome – Prickly Pear “Syrup” Margarita.

Infused Tequila is the Key! Try Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose.

Is bursting out of her top with flavor.  She is ultra-premium 100% blue agave infused tequila, is all natural with no artificial coloring.  She’s red hot in her pink dress, gorgeous to the eyes and featuring complex flavor combinations that are tasty on the tongue, please welcome the winner and only true Prickly Pear Margarita – Prickly Pear Infused Tequila Margarita.  Make it with Voodoo Tiki Tequila Desert Rose Prickly Pear Infused Tequila.  Buy It Here.

Real prickly pear margaritas feature prickly pear infused tequila.  Voodoo Tiki Tequila Desert Rose Prickly Pear Infused Tequila is the world’s first, and only prickly pear infused tequila.

Get the real Prickly Pear Margarita recipe here and you can get 100 more hip new and classic margarita recipes in the Voodoo Tiki Margarita Guide 100 Margaritas! here. www.voodootiki.com.

About Voodoo Tiki Tequila
Voodoo Tiki offers ultra-premium traditional & infused tequilas made from 100% Blue Agave. Voodoo Tiki Tequilas are sold exclusively in select restaurant, bar, nightclub and off premise locations through the company’s “Select Retailer” program.  Retailers that would like to carry Voodoo Tiki Tequilas should call 1-Voodoo-Tiki (866-366-8454).  Press inquiries should be directed to Press@VoodooTiki.com.   Please visit our website at www.VoodooTiki.com

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