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  • Pomegranate Ginger Margarita

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 8, 2013 under Recipes
    This modern day mixology instant classic might be considered an updated version of the Tequila Sunrise.  Complex, sophisticated, smooth, lightly spicy from the ginger, sweet from the tangerine, and tart from the lime.  The multitude of fruit and ginger mix with the 100% blue agave, organic Platinum Voodoo Tiki to create a flavor sensation.  You'll be asked for seconds. This recipe is adapted... more.
  • Voodoo Tiki Tequila’s 2012 Thanksgiving Cocktails

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 12, 2012 under Recipes
    This years Thanksgiving 2012 Holiday Cocktails take advantage of Voodoo Tiki's rare flavor profile.  While most tequilas focus on char, toast and fire, Voodoo Tiki's line fo 100% blue agave "Single Barrel" tequilas bring out rare tequila flavors.  Flavors like the remarkable vanilla nuances in our Reposado tequila, and the milk chocolate notes with caramel nuances in our anejo tequila - all achi... more.
  • Tequila Town Loves Voodoo Tiki Reposado

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 23, 2012 under Spotted!
    As I swirl my glass I’m seeing gorgeous thick legs that are slow to form and slow to tear. There is a wonderfully sweet nose to this tequila, with hints of vanilla and wood. Mixed in to it all are very clear herb and citrus aromas with a mild agave aroma that is always present. Read the Full Post Here Christmas comes but once a year, well in December of last year it came twice for me. I re... more.
  • Pink Raspberry Margarita Featured on ShoesNBooze

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 2, 2011 under Recipes, Spotted!
    Pink Raspberry Margarita, featuring Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Prickly Pear Infused Tequila featured on ShoesNBooze! Check it Out Here. Pink Raspberry margarita Ingredients: 1 oz Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Prickly Pear Infused Tequila 1 oz Tequila Rose 1/2 oz Crème de Noyaux 1/2 oz Chambord 2 ½ oz cream dash of grenadine sugar for rimming fresh raspberries or strawberrie... more.
  • Voodoo Tiki Tequila Insane Halloween Retro Candy Party Margaritas

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 30, 2011 under Recipes
    I got Gummi Bears! I got Bottle Caps! I got Lemon Heads! I got Sour Patch Kids!  . . .I got a rock.   Remember the days of Fun Dips, Astro Pops, Wax Lips, Necco Wafers and the Pop Rocks that killed poor Mikey? (Relax, he’s actually still alive.)  Well, Halloween is here and if you say, "Trick or Treat" just right we'll send you th... more.
  • Pulque Production Process

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 17, 2011 under Tequila News, Uncategorized
    This is part 3.  To read part 2, Click Here. Pulque production is a long and delicate process.  The maguey plant needs twelve years of maturation before the sap, or aguamiel, can be extracted, but a good plant can produce for up to one year.  This aguamiel can be drunk straight, but it is alcoholic only after a fermentation process that can start in the plant itself.  This liquid is collect... more.
  • Voodoo Tiki Tequila Platinum Tequila Sold Out in California

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 13, 2011 under Announcements
    Brisk sales to new accounts and unexpectedly strong reorder demand has left the Voodoo Tiki Tequila family of single barrel, craft tequila “Sold Out” at the distributor in California. Sales in restaurants, bars and nightclubs we’re led by Voodoo Tiki Tequila signature cocktails on cocktail menus. The popular Prickly Pear Margarita made with Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Prickly Pear Infused, tr... more.
  • Voodoo Tiki “Soul Tiki” 1 in 500 Bottles Randomly Inserted in Cases

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 8, 2011 under Announcements, Retailer Support, Uncategorized
    The Voodoo Tiki "Soul Tiki's" are on the loose. Cases of of Voodoo Tiki Platinum tequila that shipped in Fall 2011 could contain one or more Voodoo Tiki "Soul Tiki" Bottles.  The Soul Tikis are identified by their invisible (Clear) exterior allowing the owner to peer into the soul of the tiki.  The result is a tiki with an invisible exterior and a red ghostlike interior - trust us, you'll kno... more.
  • Voodoo Tiki Tequila Joins The Junction Pub

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 7, 2011 under Announcements
    Vancouver's newest neighborhood Pub & Club, The Junction Pub now features the full line of Voodoo Tiki handcrafted traditional and infused tequila. The Junction Pub is the only place of its kind in the Davie Village. Featuring 7 new flat screens and 2 projection screens, “The Junction” features all major sporting events, all year round.  A complete entertainment schedule including “in ... more.
  • Oh! Mexico South Beach Receives Masterpiece Voodoo Tiki Tequila Collection and Gourmet Cocktails

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 1, 2011 under Announcements
    South Beach’s most famous Mexican Restaurant, Oh! Mexico will feature Voodoo Tiki craft tequila and gourmet margaritas.  Voodoo Tiki Traditional and infused tequilas will be available in tequila flights or exclusive cocktails on their newly created cocktail menu.  Additionally, the extremely rare Coleccion de la Familia three year añejo will be available by the glass. Oh! Mexico offers aut... more.
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