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Horrific Anejo Tequila Additives and Imitation Color in the Biggest Tequila Labels

Horrific Anejo Tequila Additives and Imitation Color in the Biggest Tequila Labels

‘Gold’ tequila is a white tequila, often a mixto tequila where by an additive and colorant, in most cases caramel color, has been included. Many American individuals incorrectly think that superior tequila is a top quality product. The addition of caramel color is to mislead the shopper. Gold tequila is unpleasant, and the reason for plenty of nasty hangover reports that unfortunately have sworn numerous potential tequila fans off of the sacred spirit forever. Nonetheless, gold tequila isn’t the only tequila with additives as of late. Certain very highly marketed and publicized brandnames go to considerable lengths to mislead the general public into thinking that they’re savoring a unique superior quality tequila, when these corporations are actually privately placing colorants, additives and flavor essences with their cheaply mass produced tequila. This is only to mislead an unsuspecting general public to improve income. The typical additive in 100% blue agave Reposado tequila or anejo tequila is caramel color designed to deceive the client into assuming the spirit was presented a richer, fuller barrel aging process. In point of fact, 99% of tequila products available to buy nowadays employ barrels that which have been re-charred. This will mean that most of the wood flavours, and the prospective whiskey or bourbon flavour that accompany a single use barrel are gone. The sole flavor left is the smoke and char, from re-charing. Additionally the barrel will have abandoned the majority of its color. This is where cutting corners are undertaken which reduces the quality of the tequila.

To compensate for the light hue, a large number of suppliers are placing caramel color into their aged reposado tequila or anejo tequila. This gives the reposado tequila or anejo tequila a artificial golden or amber tint. The fact is, the greater amber or golden, the extra likely the color is fashioned with caramel color additives. One additional unfavourable effect of multi use barrels is the missing flavor. Recharing could add smoke, char plus some wood quality, however these aren’t going to be the most ideal flavorings. The most desired flavours will occur from a high-quality, single use barrel, like a whiskey or bourbon tequila aging barrel. A great number of makers look to flavor additives, which they endeavor to cover up by naming them essences. This is just artificial flavor, and a trick being perpetrated on the lion-share of the tequila drinking community. To make sure your tequila doesn’t have any additives seek the top single barrel tequila, for example single barrel anejo tequila or single barrel reposado tequila. A single use barrel will not need to have additives or essences. Additionally search for lighter reposado tequila and anejo tequila as these days this is yet another indication that no caramel colors were included. Another technique to fool the public into thinking that a particular tequila was aged more fully or richer is to tint the bottle glass a darkish or amber. The tequila within now will seem darker. Whereas still a dirty trick, it’s a lot better than having paid a premium price for reposado tequila or anejo tequila with color additives and flavor additives.

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