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Worldfile – Shelf Talkers That Really Talk QR Codes « Voodoo Tiki Tequila
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Worldfile – Shelf Talkers That Really Talk QR Codes

Worldfile – Shelf Talkers That Really Talk QR Codes

These Shelf Takers utilize “State of the Art” QR Code technology to turn the customer’s mobile device into trained Voodoo Tiki Tequila salespeople.


Platinum Shelf Talker (CLICK HERE)…………………………………. Reposado Shelf Talker (CLICK HERE)

Download a QR Reader. You can scan these right off your screen!

The Pages that the QR code will send to your smart phone are set to auto launch.














Anejo Shelf Talker (CLICK HERE)…………………………………. Desert Rose Shelf Talker (CLICK HERE)













These Shelf Talkers are approved to use in English speaking Countries under the following conditions:

The Shelf Talkers must be used as they are presented without any additions or alterations.

Shelf Talkers can be printed on standard size business cards by a local printer, or printed on home ink jet or laser printers.

Retailers that would like to be mailed Shelf Talkers Please Call 1-VoodooTiki (1-866-366-8454 ).


Printing Information

There is a a 1/4 inch bleed all around the Shelf Talker.

Standard business card (3.75 wide x2.25) Trimmed to 3.5×2

A 1/4 inch “Safe Area” has been left from the Trim Line.

Resolution is 300DPI.



QR is short for “Quick Response” because they can be read quickly by a cell phone. They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone. More and more you will see QR Codes in magazines, billboards, a web page and more. Once it is in your cell phone, it will give your client pertinent sales information to effectuate a sale.

The reason they are more useful than a standard bar code is that they can store, and digitally present far more data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text. The other key feature of QR Codes is that instead of requiring a large, clunky hand-held scanner to scan them, all modern smart phones can scan them.

The cell phone needs a QR code reader.  This is a simple and free download.  Everyone under the age of 30 likely has a QR Reader on their phone already, and it’s spreading with Facebook speed.  It takes under 1 minute for someone with an iPhone or Android phone to find and install the reader.

Once “Scanned”, the QR code will send the smart phone browser to a predetermined media, such as a website.  In the case of our QR Codes above, that page is pre-programmed to launch additional media about Voodoo Tiki, such as Product Introductions, Special Offers, Sales Presentations and cocktail mixing videos.

You can scan the QR Codes to see what happens directly within this post.  The images in the post are 150DPI, and will work with any scanner.  However, if you decide to use the images in print, please print out the full 300DPI images by clicking the proper links labeled “CLICK HERE.”

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