Voodoo Tiki Spotted @ The Lion & Eagle – Boca Raton

Voodoo Tiki Spotted @ The Lion & Eagle – Boca Raton


Drinking at 3:00 in the afternoon?  Who does this?!?!? (And now you know why we get a couple hundred job applications every month!)

The Voodoo Tiki crew stopped for a pint at Boca Raton’s hip neighborhood pub, The Lion & Eagle, were we SPOTTED Voodoo Tiki Tequila!

Check them out behind the bar on one of our handmade light boxes, (available for purchase here) in all their glowing Voodoo Tiki Glory!

We learned that a long time Voodoo Tiki Tribe member is a regular at the pub, and recommended it to Lion & Eagle owner Rob – a fellow tequila connisseur.

Bartender Simon and the gang tell us the gang at “The Lion” love Voodoo Tiki Tequila – especially Desert Rose Prickly Pear infused, which, “Sells like Crazy!”

. . .well, we just happened to have a Voodoo Board in one of the cars, so the party beginning early this weekend.  We’ll post the photos ASAP.

Get to The Lion & Eagle Monday through Friday from 12-7 for Happy Hour featuring 2 4 1 drink specials, and a crack at one of the first VOODOO BOARDS in Florida!


Do you want a Voodoo Board for your home bar?  Click Here.

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