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Voodoo Tiki Green Dragon Mandarin Lime Infused Tequila Completely Sold Out

Voodoo Tiki Green Dragon Mandarin Lime Infused Tequila Completely Sold Out

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Voodoo Tiki Tequila 2011 Green Dragon Lime Infused tequila is sold out at the distributor level.  The 100% Blue Agave all natural infused tequila is a seasonal Voodoo Tiki Product.  The company is now accepting reservations to the eagerly anticipated 2012 pressing due to this years’ sell out.

Voodoo Tiki Tequila 2011 release of Green Dragon Mandarin Lime infused tequila was slated for a “Seasonal” three month sales window beginning June and ending August.  The production was sold out at the distributor level in under 3 weeks.  Retailers that want guaranteed delivery of Voodoo Tiki products are urged to act quickly by joining the Voodoo Tiki Tequila Selective Retailers program, call 1-Voodoo-Tiki.  Due to the craftsmanship and ultra premium quality standards of Voodoo Tiki Tequila, products are produced in limited supply.  Allocations will occur.

Voodoo Tiki tequila, produces highly acclaimed and award-winning products on the cutting edge of tequila innovation and development, crafts tequila for tequila lovers with a commitment to continual, growth, improvement and development.  The company’s never ending quest to produce the ultimate in  innovative products and the “Spare No Expense” attitude on the procurement of the best ingredients has propelled it to the favorite lists of tequila fans in 11 states and 14 countries.

“Green Dragon was a smash hit for us despite the fact that some Sacred Cow manufacturers recently poisoned the tequila waters with awful flavored tequilas in futile attempts to copy us”, said Jennifer Serle Voodoo Tiki Director of Corporate Communications.  “Voodoo Tiki Infused Tequilas are fresh, clean, all natural and no artificial colors.  They’re amazing.”

Each of the new Voodoo Tiki Tequila Infused Tequila bottles stays true to the Voodoo Tiki roots of craftsmanship, design and ultra-premium quality.  Bottles are etched translucent excepting a clear window giving tequila aficionados a view through the 100% all natural contents to sericel hand painted artwork.  Additionally, each bottle is signed, numbered and contains a magic word on the back.  Rare, and handwritten magic words have commanded high prices on the collectors market.

About Voodoo Tiki® Tequila

Voodoo Tiki Tequila is a small batch boutique tequila company which produces 100% blue agave, all natural ultra-premium traditional and infused tequilas in artisan glass. Careful agave selection, slow cooking, fermentation, distillation processes lead to the sweet, “No Burn” profile that has become the Voodoo Tiki trademark tequila experience. Voodoo Tiki Tequilas are available in 11 states and 7 countries and are sold exclusively in select restaurant, bar, nightclub and off premise locations through the company’s “Select Retailer” program. Retailers that would like to carry Voodoo Tiki Tequilas should call 1-Voodoo-Tiki (1-866-366-8454) for an application. Press inquiries should be directed to Press@VoodooTiki.com. Fans visit www.VoodooTiki.com to get your Free Official Voodoo Tiki Tequila TRIBE Dog Tags by mail.

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