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Tequila and its Cousin Mescal

Tequila and its Cousin Mescal

Aged tequila comes in 3 key varieties. Rested tequila, also referred to as Reposado Tequila, aged tequila also called Añejo tequila and longer aged tequila also called Extra Anejo Tequila. White tequila, also called silver tequila and platinum tequila can actually also be matured in wood storage containers, preferably oak casks, yet limited to a maximum of 8 weeks. According to present guidelines, a Reposado Tequila has to be aged at the very least sixty days, but is often aged as much as just under one year. An anejo tequila must be aged for at least twelve months, although not more than three years. Finally, extra anejo tequila needs to be aged a minimum of 3 years. In practice, the aging time may just be longer and depends on the characteristics each brand name wants to provide the end product. 100% blue agave tequila has fast become very popular at present. Frequently, only 100% blue agave tequila would be aged. Still, countless devious brands are currently aging mixto tequila. These cheaply created tequilas are sometimes inexpensively aged too. The result is this sub standard tequila can now hold the aged monicker of reposado tequila or anejo tequila, although the tequila remains an inexpensive to produce, subpar product. Genuine 100% blue agave tequila must indicate that it was produced using only blue agave, without any other sugars present, and developed within Mexican government laws and regulations. If the tequila does not evidently state 100% blue agave on the label it is not.

Tequila is separated from the liquor regarded as‘mescal’ by the style of agave utilized in its elaboration. Mescal is constructed out of a wide selection of agave, which grows within the state of Oaxaca. Just like tequila, mescal can be 100% agave or contain other sugars. The 100% forms are considered the finest.

A good number of mescal sellers implement basic fermentation and distillation processes. Like with mescals cousin tequila this is mostly to do with expense of technological innovation upgrade. It cost less to pay for labor than technical upgrades on an initial money expense basis. Like tequila, Mescal has a lot more than its share of marketing with numerous conspicuous and clear gimmicks built to arouse or deceived the general public. The most famed mescal gimmick is undoubtedly the worm inside the bottle. There is no practical purpose of, or any betterment in the mescal in any manner from incorporating the gusano worm within the bottles of mescal brand names. The worm is a marketing attention-grabber. There are not any hallucinogenic effects from ingesting it. The fact is, in some instances the worms are not even real, they are man-made, while in other situations the worms are produced in agave plants and released manually through the bottling process.

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