It’s in the Bottle! Video of Voodoo Tiki Bottle Art.

It’s in the Bottle! Video of Voodoo Tiki Bottle Art.

Watch Master Glass Artesan, Alehandro Nuramo create a Voodoo Tiki Tequila Work of Art in this exclusive once in a lifetime video.  Nuramo, (or Romero Burrito as he jokes) starts with nothing, and gives life to a “One of a Kind” Voodoo Tiki Masterpiece.  After this video you’ll understand how much love and care goes into everyone of Nuramo’s pieces.  He calls them all his children, like snowflakes no two are alike.  Enjoy!


Voodoo Tiki Tequila Bottle Facts

  • It takes seven people to make each individual Voodoo Tiki bottle from start to finish.
  • When the Tiki glass touches the bottle glass if the temperature of either is off by more than a few points, one or both will shatter.
  • The Tiki idols inside have been produced in the famous red, green and blue, but also in very rare purple (which is used in our Coleccione’ Privada de la Familia 3 Year Anejo.)
  • Every bottle of Voodoo Tiki is glass etched, signed, numbered, and has a “Magic Word” on the back.
  • Special edition colors have included, yellow and orange in our Platinum, Deep purple (almost black) in our Anejo, and the rarest of all – only 300 bottles of Voodoo Tiki Platinum feature our “Soul Tiki” which is a clear Tiki idol with a red “soul” inside – like a red tiki in a clear glass tiki.  The Soul Tiki Bottles were randomly inserted in June of 2011 – Look for them now!

People do some cool and crazy stuff with their bottles of Voodoo Tiki.  We’ve seen empty Voodoo Tiki bottles made into decanters, candle holders, lamps, chandeliers and even a bong!

Send us pictures of you and your Voodoo Tiki bottles, or bottle creations.  Send to


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