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Incredible Pulque Legends

Incredible Pulque Legends

Pulque and Tequila are the spirits of imagination, and the numerous tales and beliefs that encircle them are full with brilliant creativity. Hardly any other alcohol is as captivating as tequila and her long lost ancestor pulque. From the traditional legend of the lost Voodoo Tiki idols (check it out on the net at the Voodoo Tiki Tequila web page), to the myth of the birth of the agave plant as told below.

The Aztecs believed that when the world started there was a goddess in the sky. She was identified as Tzintzimitl however she was an evil goddess and she devoured light. She had the planet in the dark and caused the natives carry out human sacrifices with the intention to supply them with a little light..

One day Quetzalcoatl grew weary of it and he decided to do something about it. Quetzalcoatl advocated respect so he ascended to the heavens to fight the evil goddess Tzintzimitl and he started to search for her. But alternatively, what he discovered was her granddaughter who was kidnapped by the malignant goddess, Mayahuel. Mayahuel is the goddess of fertility, she was portrayed as the goddess with four hundred breasts. He found her and fell in love with her. In place of nurdering the wicked goddess he delivered Mayahuel to the ground to reside with him.

When the malignant goddess found out, she grew to become particularly furious and began to try to find them. They needed to run from one place to another to hide from her. One day they decided that because there was no where else to hide they would become trees. There were two trees, one beside the other one, so that when there was wind their leaves could caress one another.

They existed running but the malignant goddess maintained her search and sent out her light consuming stars and at last she found them. The wicked goddess arrived on the scene and then there was a massive battle where by Mayahuel was murdered. When Quetzalcoatl, found out he was livid as well as very, inflamed. He laid to rest the remains of his significant other, flew to the heavens and slaughtered the hateful goddess.

The light came back to the globe. Unfortunately he’d lost his lover. Each night he would look at her grave and cry. Other gods noticed this and believed they have to take steps for him. In the burial site a flower started to grow and they’d supply special properties to that particular plant. They were going to give it various hallucinogenic attributes that comfort the spirit of Quetzalcoatl. Starting from that point he could drink up the elixir that came from that plant and possess comfort.
That is how the Nahuatl thought that the agave was started, and the traits we now find in tequila to comfort the spirit of those who have lost someone dear to their hearts.

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