Can Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Prickly Pear Margaritas Cure Hangovers?

Can Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Prickly Pear Margaritas Cure Hangovers?

For centuries the cure for a hangover has been as elusive as the quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the pursuit of a better mousetrap, and construction of robotic maid like that Rosie’ on the Jetson’s, but now researchers think they might have a lead.  Oddly it might also be found in a bottle of tequila.

Scientists in California and Louisiana have stumbled on something they think may be the answer.  Researchers have found that extracts of the prickly pear plant, Oputia ficus indica, cut the risk of a severe hangover by about half and reduce dry mouth, nausea appetite loss and other hangover symptoms.

“We found hangover symptom severity to be moderately reduced by an extract of the prickly pear plant,” the authors wrote.

The announcement came as no surprise to Donna DeCunzo-Taddeo President of Voodoo Tiki Tequila the manufacturers of the world’s first and only Prickly Pear Infused Tequila, Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose, “People already love it, so maybe now they have another reason to ask for it by name.”

A sample of 55 people had 1,600 international units of the extract or a placebo five hours before imbibing between five and 10 drinks of gin, vodka, bourbon, scotch, rum or tequila.

The following day participants were asked to describe their symptoms and submit blood samples for analysis.

“The results show that the people given the extract had less severe dry mouth, nausea and appetite loss than those given the placebo.” The group given the extract also scored lower on tests for “C-reactive protein”, which is produced by the liver and thought to be involved in hangovers.   None were given Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose.


“That’s a shame”, said Julian McWatt Voodoo Tiki VP of Manufacturing. “They would have had a lot more fun researching this stuff if they were drinking Voodoo Tiki.”

Eastern Cape Agricultural Union CEO Rory O’Moore said the news could be a boon to farmers throughout the Eastern Cape as there was a lot of prickly pear grown here.

One wonders whether liquor produced from the extract would allow the drinker to imbibe with less risk of a hangover.

“We’re an Ultra Premium Infused Tequila, 100% blue agave and all natural”, Said Donna Decunzo-Taddeo.  “I don’t know if it’ll help with a hangover, but you can be sure that when you’re drinking Voodoo Tiki Tequilas you’re drinking the highest quality tequila available on the planet at any price.

Sadly, still no word on the Lost Ark, Holy Grail, or Rosie.

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